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About the Program

The Municipal Court Clerk Certification Program was established to encourage professional development and educational growth. It is sponsored by the Texas Court Clerks Association (TCCA) in cooperation with the Texas Municipal Courts Association (TMCA), the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center (TMCEC), and Texas State University in San Marcos. Program participants achieve certification upon successful completion of each of the three levels: Level I, Level II, and Certified Municipal Court Clerk (CMCC). Download this brochure for more information.

At each level, a test is administered to gauge the skill-level and aptitude of the professional seeking certification. TMCEC has developed study materials to prepare program-participants and other court support personnel to better understand the law, procedure, and responsibilities of the municipal court clerk. 

The certification program academic year begins each September 1st and ends each August 31st.  Plan your seminar attendance early.  

Level III Certified Court Clerks (CMCC)

These individuals have earned their Level III certification.  The list is in chronological order of the date each participant achieved "Certified Municipal Court Clerk".

1     Jennifer Sullivan

22    Amanda Degan

43   Kimberly Kierce

64    Valerie Bryant

2     Connie Crenshaw

23    Cathy Haney

44    Lesa Keith

65    Claudia Lemon

3     Alicia St. Cyr

24    Pat Riffel

45    Delena Franklin

66    Sarah Friberg

4     Susie Garcia

25    Helen Wo

46    April Christiansen

67    Christina Dahse

5     Janell Kucera

26    Lei Holder

47    Jennifer Bozorgnia

68    Lisa Davis

6     Luevada Posey

27    Bonnie Townsend

48    Mary Jane Grubb

69    Lee Ann Oliver

7     Carol Gauntt

28    Lisa Howard

49    Bobbie Spence

70    Jessica Utton

8    Christy Punches

29    Dianna Faulkenberry

50    Landra Hudson-Solansky

71    Sally Forbus

9     Kathryn Wells-Vogel

30    Terri Neal

51    Christine Valdovino

72    Janis Fletcher

10     Jeanie Roumell

31    Amy Bockes

52    Janelle Williams

73    Carla Bonham

11    Tracie Glaeser

32    Pam Folsom

53    Jaime Brew

74    Patti Jo Towne

12    Julie Kubeczka-Day

33    Jo Sacharko

54    Karen Armstrong

75    Jeremy Leonard

13    Karen Renfrow

34    Paralee Norton

55    Linda Rose

76    Tiffany Totah

14    Phyllis Mathison

35    Luanne Anders

56    Brittany Rychlick

77    Erin Westmoreland

15    Cynthia Wells

36    Catherine Leloux

57    Courtney Powers-Acklin

78    Amy Baldwin

16    Deborah Jessup

37    Teresa Borcik

58    Sherry Brandt

79    Jennifer Hale

17    Krystal Strong

38    Rachel Frasier

59    Patty Stav

80    Paul Rex

18    Rhonda Kuehn

39    Leona Clay

60    Rosemary Bell

81    Brittany Wright

19    Maria Busche

40    Renee Moses

61    Melissa Strickland

82    Rosena J. Becker-Ross

20    Elaine Brown

41    Fawn Mackey

62    Shannon Wagner

83    Kimberly Jozwiak  

21    Elaine Bourgoin   

42    Clifton Deryl Corley

63    Kaylee Brune

84    Angela Fleming

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