H.B. 2398 (84th Legislative Session) marked the end of the “criminalization of truancy” and created an entirely new and unique type of court and set of procedures to handle school attendance cases involving children. Outside of the provisions in newly created Title 3A of the Family Code, juvenile courts in Texas no longer have original jurisdiction of school attendance in Texas. Justice, municipal, and certain county courts are designated as truancy courts, having original, exclusive jurisdiction over allegations of truant conduct. This page contains helpful links to explain H.B. 2398 and its new procedures governing civil cases in truancy courts.


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Truancy FAQs



H.B. 2398 (84th Legislature)

Truancy Court Procedures Flowchart and Commentary (OCA)

School Responsibilities Regarding Truancy Flowchart and Commentary (OCA)

H.B. 2398 Section by Section Analysis (TMCEC)

H.B. 2398 Section by Section Analysis (OCA)

Transitioning to Title 3A of the Family Code: Before and After H.B. 2398 (TMCEC)

The 2015 Truancy Reform Bill – House Bill 2398 (Ted Wood, The Recorder, July 2015)

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