OCA Issues New Report on Necessity of Court Costs in Texas (8/31/14)

Senate Bill 1908 (83rd Legislature, Regular Session) directed the Office of Court Administration to, not later than September 1, 2014, conduct a study of the civil and criminal court fees and costs, compile a list of those fees and costs and to determine the necessity of those fees and costs.

The compilation of court costs in Texas is a formidable task because of the piece-meal manner in which court costs and fees become law. Municipal judges, court staff, city attorneys and local governments are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the study’s observations and the criminal court cost list which is current and most comprehensive.

Study of the Necessity of Certain Court Costs and Fees in Texas - September 1, 2014

Civil Court Costs List

Criminal Court Costs List

Criminal & Traffic Law Manual: Judicial Edition

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