Judicial Education FAQ

What are the basic requirements?

  • All municipal judges are required to annually complete 16 hours of judicial education between September 1st and August 31st.
  • After judges have completed at least 2 years of required judicial education, municipal judges can exercise flex-time. This means that while municipal judges must complete 8 hours of continuous live education, the remaining 8 hours of flex-time education can be satisfied through live presentation, approved online education, or any combination of approved live events and online education;
  • Additionally, after two years of judicial education, municipal judges may choose to
    “opt out” of TMCEC education by participating in relevant, approved presentations of at least 8 hours of live presentation with the remaining 8 hours through live presentation, online education, or any combination thereof. The choice to “opt out” of TMCEC training is available in alternating years.

How do I register?

We encourage online registration. Paper registrations are still accepted by fax or mail. Visit the registration page of our website for additional information as well as registration forms.

Can I attend any 8 hours that I choose at a regional program, if I would like to utilize flex time and fulfill the remaining hours online or through other means?

No. Judges are expected to attend the entire 8 hours of Day 2 of the regional program. Judges wishing to receive 12 hours would attend Day 2 plus Day 1 or Day 3. Judges seeking the full 16 hours available will attend Days 1, 2, and 3. 

Do I have to attend all 16 hours together?

For the first two years, yes. After two years of judicial education through TMCEC, municipal judges must attend 8 consecutive hours, but then may choose to use flex-time for the additional 8 hours. See the graphic below for some examples of flex-time training.


What is the TMCEC hotel room policy?

TMCEC will pay for a double occupancy room at all regional programs for those that work at least 30 miles from the conference site. Hotel rooms are available on the evening of Day 1 for all participants at grant expense. Hotel rooms are only available at grant expense on the evening of Day 2 for those participants who attend the entire 4 hours of Day 3. A $50 per night charge for single rooms will be required.

Can I attend portions of Day 1 and Day 3 and attend all of Day 2?

All judges are expected to attend the entire 8 hours of Day 2 of the regional program. Judges seeking more than 8 hours of credit will be expected to attend the entire 4 hours of Day 1 and/or Day 3. Attendance at all 4 hours of Day 3 is required to be eligible for hotel rooms on the evening of Day 2 subsidized by grant funds. 

Am I required to attend more than one TMCEC educational offering annually?

No, Judges are only required to attend one live TMCEC training, and it must contain at least 8 hours of continuous live training (for those who have completed two years of training through TMCEC.) Currently, those options consist of one of ten TMCEC Regional Programs or the Traffic Safety Conference. Judges choosing the Traffic Safety Conference to satisfy their judicial education requirements must attend the entire conference for credit and to be eligible for the grant-funded housing. 

Can I change how many hours I will be attending after registration?

Judges wishing to alter their registration should keep in mind that the 10-day cancellation and change rule will apply regarding whether they will be attending 8 hours or 12 hours or 16 hours. TMCEC will bill participants for no-shows or meals if judges do not attend the entire program after indicating that they would.

What TMCEC programs are approved for credit towards the additional 8 hours?

  • TMCEC Regional Clerks program (only if the judge serves as a clerk in dual capacity)
  • TMCEC Prosecutors Program
  • TMCEC Clinics
  • Approved TMCEC webinars (must be watched in the Academic Year)
  • TMCEC Legislative Updates
  • TMCEC Impaired Driving Symposium 

What non-TMCEC providers are approved for Judicial Education?

The below approved providers can be used towards your flex-time, for more information on flex-time click here. If you are considering using a below provider as your 8 consecutive hours, this would be considered an opt-out. To see if you qualify and for more information click here.

Approved providers include:

  • American Judges Association
  • ABA (American Bar Association) Traffic Seminar
  • Center for American and International Law
  • Harvard Law School
  • Houston Municipal Court
  • Juvenile Law Section of the State Bar of Texas
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • National College of District Attorneys
  • National Council of Juvenile and Family Law Judges
  • National District Attorneys Association
  • The National Judicial College
  • State Bar of Texas Professional Development Programs
  • Texas Association of Counties
  • Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • Texas Center for the Judiciary
  • Texas Council on Family Violence
  • Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
  • Texas District and County Attorneys Association
  • Texas Justice Courts Training Center
  • Texas Juvenile Probation Commission
  • Texas Municipal Courts Association
  •  U.S. Army, Judge Advocate School

National, state, and local bar associations, as well as Texas law schools are also approved if courses relate to municipal courts. 


How will I know if webinars are approved for judicial education?

All webinars will be clearly marked as to whether they offer Judicial Education credit, CLE credit, or both.

What documentation is necessary to show fulfillment of the 8 hours if satisfied by an approved provider other than TMCEC?

  • A certificate of attendance or completion;
  • A receipt for payment of tuition;
  • A program agenda and affidavit supporting attendance; or
  • Other documentation as approved by the executive director.

 Will CLE costs vary depending on the number of hours attended?

No, the fee for the optional CLE will be $100, regardless of the number of hours of credit sought.