Below please find a selection of anti-impaired driving videos and PSAs that are available to view for free on the internet. These videos can be shown in the courtroom or court lobby while waiting for court proceedings to begin, or used when speaking to students or the public against impaired driving.


  • Happy Hour FAIL - Clever commercial using only social media to show the consequences of drinking and driving (2 minutes)
  • Jacqui Saburido: Before and After - Commercial featuring Jacqui Saburido, who was badly burned in a car crash when she was hit by a drunk driver (30 seconds)
  • Know When to Pass: Coach - Football-themed commercial about passing up a drink or passing off your keys (30 seconds)
  • Know when to Pass: Pre-Game - Football-themed commercial about not drinking and driving (30 seconds)
  • The Rock - Soccer-themed commercial about having a designated driver (2 minutes)
  • The Rock (Spanish) - Soccer-themed commercial about having a designated driver (2 minutes)


If you have a favorite traffic safety-related video or PSA, please let us know at and we will add it to the list.

If your court is seeking impaired driving DVD's, please visit the "Resources for Municipal Courts" page for more information.


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