Resources for Juvenile Case Managers




Essays as a Requirement of Deferred Dispostion

Did you know that municipal courts may assign an essay to a juvenile as a requirement of deferred disposition? Below are some examples of essay topics used by real juvenile case managers:

  • List four organizations that assist teens with alcohol/tobacco issues, explain what the organizations do, explain your opinion of each organization, explain how alcohol/tobacco companies market their products to make them more appealing, and explain your opinion of these tactics;
  • Summarize the dangers and effects of drinking;
  • An apology letter to the juvenile offender's parents about the violation, an explanation of what the consequences might be, and what is going to be done to fix the problem;
  • Summarize the effects of alcohol, marijuana, or whatever substance is applicable on the body;
  • Write an apology letter to any victims involved in the offense;
  • Research a story online about a victim of an alcohol-related offense and write an essay on how the story affects you;
  • List everything you have to lose by using drugs or alcohol; or
  • Research and summarize Texas alcohol laws.


Many juvenile case managers use a plagiarism checker to ensure that juvenile offenders are creating original work. A good one can be found here.


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