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The Texas Municipal Courts Education Center's quarterly journal, The Recorder, frequently features articles relating to impaired driving, alcohol-related legislation, National Night Out, Municipal Courts Week, and judicial outreach. The links below provide access to full digital versions of The Recorder that contain articles relating to these topics.

December 2017

  • Impaired Driving Case Law Update
  • MTSI Awards Application
  • National Night Out and Municipal Court Week Update

August 2017

  • Municipal Court Week Resolution
  • Impaired Driving Legislative Update

April 2017

  • MTSI Awards
  • Impaired Driving Symposium

February 2017

  • Impaired Driving Case Law Review 2017
  • Drugged Driving
  • Anti-Impaired Driving DVDs for Loan

December 2016

  • Case Law Updates: Birchfield, Villarreal, Strieff, and Leming
  • National Night Out and Municipal Court Week Update
  • Teen Court Update

August 2016

  • MTSI, TMCEC Recognized for Having "Best Practices" by TxDOT
  • Municipal Courts Week and National Night Out Flyer
  • Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Distinguishes Drugged Driving Case from McNeely

April 2016

  • TMCEC Selects 18 Municipal Courts as Traffic Safety Award Winners
  • Impaired Driving Symposium

January 2016

  • Texas Court of Criminal Appeals: Motion for Rehearing in Villarreal Improvidently Granted
  • New TYLA Video on Teen Binge Drinking
  • Interested in Starting a Teen Court?
  • ABA 2016 Traffic Court Seminar
  • Effective Sentencing for Multiple DUI Offenders Webinar
  • 2016 MTSI Conference
  • Drug Trend Alert: Marijuana Wax, Oil, or Concentrates
  • Impaired Driving Symposium

November 2015

  • Blood Warrants Case Law Update 
  • Drug Dogs Case Law Update
  • Upcoming Impaired Driving Webinars
  • Penal Code Case Law Update
  • Teen Court Planning Seminar Information
  • Impaired Driving Symposium Recap
  • 2016 MTSI Awards Information
  • National Night Out Recap
  • Municipal Courts Week Recap
  • MTSI Conference Preview
  • Impaired Driving Symposium Preview

Legislative Update 2015

  • H.B. 326 (Information in Support of a Search Warrant Provided by Electronic Means)
  • H.B. 642 (Authorizing Minors Charged with Public Intoxication to Attend an Alcohol Awareness or Drug Education Program or Perform Either Alcohol or Drug Related Community Service)
  • H.B. 1264 (Preservation of Toxicological Evidence Collected in Intoxication Offenses)
  • H.B. 2246 (Ignition Interlock in Lieu of License Suspension)
  • Interested in Starting a Teen Court?

July 2015

  • 2016 MTSI Awards
  • Impaired Driving: Legislative Update
  • TMCEC's Traffic Safety Grants Help Make Texas Roads Safer
  • Traffic Safety Speaker's Bureau

April 2015

  • 2015 MTSI Award Winners Announced!
  • Are You An Aggressive Driver? Take the Test
  • Impaired Driving Symposium Information

February 2015

  • Impaired Driving Symposium Information
  • Texas Magistrates Should Anticipate More Requests for "Blood Warrants" in Light of Court of Criminal Appeals Decision in Villarreal

November 2014

  • Almost 300 Municipal Courts Report Participation in Municipal Courts Week 2014!
  • Burleson Municipal Court's "Teen S.W.A.G. Affair" Utilizes Four-Pronged Approach to Improve Lives
  • Marijuana's Hazy Contribution to Highway Deaths
  • Prescription Drugs & Driving

August 2014

  • How Graduated Drivers License Programs Are Making Our Roads Safer
  • How Much a DWI Costs
  • Teen Courts Offer Alternative For Minor Defendants

April 2014

  • 2014 Municipal Traffic Safety Award Winners

January 2014

  • Celebrating Municipal Courts With a Week of Festivities
  • Designer Drugs: How Drivers Might Be Circumventing Intoxicated Driving Laws

May 2013

  • 2013 Municipal Traffic Safety Initiatives Award Winners
  • Emphasizing the Consequences of Drinking and Driving in Your Community with Shattered Dreams

March 2013

  • Celebrating Texas Municipal Courts with a Week of Festivities

December 2012

  • 2013 Municipal Traffic Safety Initiatives Awards

June 2012

  • A Statutory Look at Driver’s License Suspensions for Certain Drug Offenses

March 2012

  • Juvenile Case Managers in Texas
  • Information Sharing on Juvenile Justice Data

December 2011

  • More Laws Passed by the 82nd Legislature
  • Making a Difference: Irving Municipal Court

Legislative Update 2011

  • Legislative Update 2011 with full-text bill summaries

May 2011

  • Amnesty & Warrant Round Up Programs
  • MTSI Award Winners

September 2010

  • Judges in the Classroom
  • Celebrate Municipal Courts Week November 1 - November 5, 2010

July 2010

  • Class C Misdemeanors and the Statute of Limitations: Case Closed?
  • To Enhance or Not to Enhance? DWLI Revisited
  • Underage Drinking in Texas

March 2010

  • A Retrospective Recap of the 81st Regular Legislature
  • Moving Violations and Rules of the Road Offenses: New Legislation Requires Courts to Scrutinize the Classification of Offenses

December 2009

  • Rollover Convincer
  • Traffic Safety Awards
  • Traffic Safety Update

August 2009

  • Kids in Court
  • Judges in the Classroom

May 2009

  • Judges in the Classroom

August  2008

  • DWI Blood Warrants
  • Recording Allen: DWLI's New Impact on Municipal Courts

June 2008

  • Drivers License Suspension Hearings

 May 2008

  • Traffic Safety Awards
  • Practical Suggestions for Visiting Classrooms
  • Costs of a DWI Arrest
  • Impaired Driving Laws in Texas

December 2007

  • Traffic Safety Tips 2006
  • Statewide Warrant Roundup Planned for March 2007
  • Clerk's Corner: DSC/Deferred

Summer 2007

  • Driver Responsibility Program
  • Texas DPS Driver Responsibility FAQs
  • Courage to Live

May 2007

  • Magistrate's Duty to Order the Installation of Ignition Interlock Devices




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