National Night Out


OCTOBER 3, 2017


Please visit the Resources Page to see how MTSI can help your court set up a traffic safety exhibit at National Night Out!

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National Night Out - La Porte Municipal Court


National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes the partnership between municipal courts and local government with citizens to make their community a safer place to live. Many municipal courts organize traffic safety and anti-impaired driving exhibits on National Night Out. The MTSI project has funding to help supply your municipal court with materials to hand out in your community during National Night Out. For more information, please contact Ned Minevitz at or (512) 320-8274.


2016 NNO Map.png




What Your Court Can Do On National Night Out

  • Set up an exhibit table with information about traffic safety and the dangers of impaired driving
  • Give out educational items with traffic safety messages
  • Organize traffic safety activities for children
  • Play traffic safety videos for court visitors
  • Hang traffic safety posters at the courthouse
  • Take pictures to send to local media and TMCEC


MTSI would love to hear what your court did on National Night Out! Please e-mail any information to


National Night Out By Year

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