Lessons and Handouts for Community Outreach

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Characters in the Courtroom entire lesson

      Learning Stations only      Legal Terms Defined only   ID Sheet only

X Car O entire lesson

        Questions only

Municipal Court:  Fact or Fiction power point and lesson

Our Town Map of Do's and Don'ts  entire lesson  

        handouts only (please request maps from the TMCEC office on our Materials Request Form)

Loteria and Impaired Vision GogglesPlease put these items in your materials request form under "Other Materials Needed" or call us 512-320-8274 or email us at elizabeth@tmcec.com to request these items.  They are not available for download.
 Mock Trial Guide - complete publication
State v. Young - complete publication


DRSR Traffic Safety Information Sheets     

These handouts are designed for use with outside resource persons when speaking to youth or student groups.  They contain the latest statistics and information on the topics listed below in a summary format.  We encourage you to make copies and distribute them as you speak before youth or adult groups. Please email tmcec@tmcec.com if you would like to suggest other topics for information sheets.      


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