Teacher Training

Teacher Traffic Safety Academy

July 9, 10, and 11 in Austin Texas

Plan to attend the Teacher Traffic Safety Academy being held this summer at the Texas Law Center in Austin!  Receive amazing teacher training from professionals from the world of legislation, traffic enforcement, judges, and experienced teacher consultants from all over Texas.  This summer workshop is free to Texas teachers! Teachers are also offered lodging, lunch, and a continental breakfast!  Come see what the buzz is all about!  Turn in your application today!  Seats are limited!

Gifted and Talented Credit is currently only being offered at district discretion.  Please check with your district G/T facilitator for credit information.

FY18 TTSA Application USB letter.docxFY18 TTSA Application.png


Summer Workshops are currently being scheduled!  If your district would like to invite DRSR to present their resources and materials to your teachers, please contact Liz De La Garza at 512.320-8274 or email her at elizabeth@tmcec.com.

Love to travel the great state of Texas? Have strong presentation skills? You've been to a DRSR training and love our resources? Maybe you have what it takes to be a

DRSR Consultant! 

If you would like to be a consultant for DRSR, please email Liz De La Garza at elizabeth@tmcec.com.  Include your resume, and a short cover letter explaining your qualifications and prior DRSR training. Thanks!


For more information contact TMCEC at 800.252.3718
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