Application for Certification

You passed your test!  Congratulations!

The next step to becoming certified is to complete your application form and submit your proof of education.  Applications may be submitted via your online profile.  Complete the application form and upload it from the link at the bottom of the "Clerk Certification" page.  

Remember that you are not certified until you complete the application requirements.  Your passing test expires if not used in the application process by the 3rd anniversary of the test date.  

Review your application to insure it is complete and in order before you submit it to TMCEC.  

Application (Level I & II)

Instructions for signing on to your TMCEC Personal Profile

Additional Information:

It may take several weeks to process your application. 

  • First login and check your personal profile.
  • If it has not been processed within 3 weeks, call or email

Participants will receive a formal certificate through the mail after your application has been approved.    

Upon receipt of the certificate you are authorized to place the designation of CCCI or CCCII (respectively) following your name.

12 hours of education will be required each TMCEC fiscal/academic year (9/1 to 8/31)

Your renewal will be displayed on your personal profile under the clerk certification tab (i.e. 2016-2017 YES).