Annual Renewals

To maintain proficiency of a Level I or II Certified Court Clerk, a participant must complete 12 hours of continuing education each year through TMCEC, TCCA, TCCA Chapter Training, TMCA Annual Conference, or an approved alternate provider.  To maintain proficiency of a Certified Court Clerk Level III, a clerk must complete 20 hours of continuing education each year through TMCEC, TCCA, TCCA Chapter Training, TMCA Annual Conference, or an approved alternate provider.

Participants must submit proof of their continuing education. Download a RENEWAL APPLICATION to get more information. Not submitting the required hours of continuing education for two or more years will result in a loss of all levels of certification.

To appeal a loss of certification, mail an APPEAL FORM to the TCCA Education Committee Chair.

Automatic Certification Renewals

If you are a Level I or II certified court clerk, your annual hours of education will be automatically renewed if you properly complete & turn in a record of attendance on the final day of a TMCEC Regional program, Juvenile Case Manager program, & Court Administrator program. 

If you are ANY level of certification, you attended the TCCA Annual conference and were on the final list of approved  certificates, your certification will be automatically renewed. 

If you complete the Record of Attendance after the seminar and send it to TMCEC on a subsequent day, you will be required to complete a paper renewal application and submit it to TMCEC.  

If you are no longer employed by a court or have attended education with another approved provider, you will be required to complete and submit a paper application.  To verify that hours have been properly recorded, you must log into your personal  profile 4 to 6 weeks after the event. Click the "Certification Renewal" tab to show the most current year renewed.  Letters confirming renewals will no longer be sent as we encourage participants to verify their status online.

PLEASE NOTE: Clerks who acquire hours through TMCEC Archived Webinars, or with other approved providers, must still submit a renewal application, as well as copies of all training certificates.  Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Submitting Your Renewal & Verifying Renewal Status Online: You can now submit and verify your certification renewal through our Register site a site.  After you have logged in, click the "Certification Renewal" tab and it will show your most current year renewed. 

Reactivation of Level III

Any clerk who has achieved Level III, CMCC status, but has become inactive, will be allowed to reinstate their certification by completing 40 hours of education. Six of those hours must come from TMCEC’s Legislative Update and all 40 hours of education must be from within the following three years. Certificates of attendance, along with a renewal application, must be submitted to TMCEC. Note: This rule only applies to Level III.